Everyone will smile with access to dental care that can save money

By selecting Aetna Dental®, you tap into more than just dental benefits. Some of advantages of choosing Aetna Dental include:

  • New and improved digital tools. We want you to maximize the value of your benefits so we have new digital tools and information that are designed to demystify how your coverage works; provide you with easy access to information on your coverage details such as deductibles, copays, and past claims; and make it easier to access the care you need through things like price transparency tools, provider reviews from members like you, and online appointment scheduling with in-network providers.
  • A single point of contact for all of your benefits. Whether you prefer to work with us over the phone or online, when you choose Aetna for your medical and dental benefits you have a single phone number or a single website for all things related to your health benefits.
  • A robust provider network with member-focused pricing. While we offer a large, national provider network that provides you with over 300,000 different locations where you can access care, we’ve built that network through a focus on building strong, local relationships with providers in your community who are committed to delivering great care at a great price.
  • More tailored care recommendations. When you choose Aetna for both medical and dental benefits, we are able to take a more holistic view of your overall health. Through our Dental Medical Integration (DMI) program, we use dental and medical data to provide you with information that is personalized to your individual health situation and work with you to make the care decisions that will help you maximize your health.