Our mission is to build a healthier world, giving you as many healthy days as possible

You want to realize your best health. And you can do so with holistic, affordable care that is personalized to your unique health journey. And we can help by providing experiences that are personalized and empowering. Experiences that allow you to engage in ways meaningful for you. It all starts with your medical plan.

The Aetna Open Access® Managed Choice® Plan lets you visit any licensed provider anytime you need care. However, network doctors contract with Aetna to offer rates that are often much lower than their regular fees. This helps you save.

The Aetna Premier Care Network will be offered in certain locations. You can find out if you live in a Aetna Premier Care Network location by contacting an Aetna Health Concierge at 1-855-496-6289.

Aetna Premier Care Network doctors and hospitals must apply to be in the network.  We select those that meet our standards for quality care as well as cost efficiency.  Then, we build our contracts to include negotiated rates so you get maximum savings.  These doctors and hospitals cannot charge more than the agreed amount, which means we calculate your percent share from a lower starting point.

Also, when you use Aetna Premier Care Network doctors, the plan covers preventive care visits at 100 percent.  If you go outside the network for covered preventive care, you'll pay a share of the cost.